Backyard Games

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Backyard Games

Postby Mrs. T-Bone on Wed Mar 18, 2020 11:10 am

Ok, I already know this will not be popular. I also know that you will do your best to not share cooties. But I want you to remember that there are some of your people that are NOT going to be OK if they get infected. This would include anyone that has recently had surgery. Their immune systems are working hard to heal. Even being healthy, this could be an overwhelming infection. There are some of us that are dealing with things that you may not be aware of. They are not readily visible. I'll only detail my situation although I know of several others that would be at risk. I have 3 autoimmune diseases. I take low dose chemo drugs and 2 other drugs to reduce my immune responses. I cannot be without these because the pain would be difficult to manage. If I do become infected I HAVE to stop these meds to allow my system to fight as well as it can. But the price I pay, even if everything is perfect, will be high. It is safe to say that this could be life threatening for me.

For you guys, I want to point out... Most of you are young and healthy. That's GREAT, but you come in contact with people that are NOT on a daily basis. How many people do you see everyday that have Diabetes? High blood pressure? Or, like me, a health challenge that is not readily visible. Don't Know?! EXACTLY... we NEVER know. That's why NOT doing this could be important. We shouldn't risk losing a single athlete (because he/she had an unknown condition) or family member for the sake of fun while we are biding our time for this to blow over.

Speaking of blowing over!! Are you aware that coronavirus can LIVE in the air for 3 hours!! If someone coughs at the grocery store and an hour later you walk through that spot... yup, that's all it takes!! It can survive on none porous surfaces for 3 DAYS!! And something like cardboard for up to 24 hours.

OK, I'll put my soap box away for now. I know you are gonna do what you are gonna do. I love you all. I don't want to lose any of you. There are some things you can stick your tongue out at. Unfortunately this isn't one of them :(
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Re: Backyard Games

Postby grgreer on Sat Apr 04, 2020 11:21 am

Stay safe. I was planning on competing in a few games this year, but the risk to my family isnt worth it. I'm still working out at home, not really practicing the implements, but I never really did. I am in the process of acquiring a fork, so if anyone has any advice on polishing, please let me know.
Please stay safe everyone.
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