MASA 2023 Schedule

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MASA 2023 Schedule

Postby CelticElf66 on Tue Jan 24, 2023 2:12 pm

Y'all ready? Some of us are looking forward to seeing everyone again.

MASA Schedule 2023.pdf
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Harper's Ferry is contemplating two days, but most everything else is confirmed.

Take a moment and refresh your memories (or read for the first time) with our posts on how we run events. If you are new to MASA, you also need to register for this site before you can register for any of our games. We have had issues with bots so DO NOT leave it to the last minute. You may need to reach out to one of us to get approved.

NOTE - We are raising the MASA games registration to $15/games for 2023 with another increase likely for 2024. The ONLY exception to this is Southern Maryland as they charge the athletes admission to get into the games. For SoMD, you ONLY have to pay admission to the festival, there is no MASA registration. Stephanie will post more on paying via PayPal.

VSGA and Richmond will both host a Pro/Elite competition in place of the former men's professional competitions. Working to get the ladies the recognition they deserve!

As far as other classes are concerned, I have listed what we expect to host, our standard is five have to be paid registrants for us to have class. We will try to make sure we have the appropriate awards, but festivals plan those things further out than we do registration, so if we add a new class, we may not have awards.

Any questions?
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