Information for MOST games (time, etc.)

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Information for MOST games (time, etc.)

Postby CelticElf66 on Fri Oct 18, 2013 10:47 am

In general, the schedule on the website will have the individual festival URLs so that you can check out the specifics for each festival.

Saturdays we ask that you be on the field by 8:30 to register and ready to throw at 9. Sundays you get an extra half hour and should be on the field by 9 to throw at 9:30. However, in order to be able to throw on time we would appreciate some help getting equipment set up in the morning and torn down at the end of the day. The more folks that help out (usually) the faster we can get things set up and ready to go.

If you pay a fee on PayPal when you register to compete, your name should be on a list at the gate/will call in order to get into the games. If we do not charge you a fee on PayPal when you register to compete, go to the games website and see what their policies are on tickets and if it is advantageous to purchase one in advance. You will NOT be charged twice to get into a games, at least not if we can help it. Spouses, children, friends, cheerleaders, dogs, Sherpas, etc. must pay their own way to get into the games. Again, check the festival websites to see if you can get discounted tickets before the games.

We try to throw no less than 7 events. All competitors must compete in all events in order to be scored as part of the flight for the day. There may be an optional keg toss depending on time and attitudes. While we perfer shine, we throw rain or shine or any other weather as long as the festival is open.

Frequently festivals are not able to provide water/Gatorade so please be prepared. Rain gear and sun screen are a must for any event. Layered clothing is also good.

Some festivals can have you park close to the field, most cannot, so please be prepared to walk and carry all of your gear (Sherpas are good for this, but, again, we do not cover their admission).

In general, please be kind to the folks that work the festival and do what they ask of you, go where they direct you. They are most likely a volunteer that does not know everything that is going on, is just there for a few hours and really cannot do more than what they have been asked to do. If you get stuck, call my cell and I will see what I can do to help.

And, on this board, user names are great, but please put your real name in your signature line so that we know who we are talking to. Thank you!

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