Newbie looking for Training/Coaching near Gettysburg PA

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Newbie looking for Training/Coaching near Gettysburg PA

Postby Bikie on Mon Jun 24, 2019 9:03 am

Hello, I’m Frank and live in Gettysburg PA. I am in my early 40’s (Masters) and think heavy athletics is something I would like to learn and compete.

I have read the rules at least once and just visited the Celtic Fling to watch my first games in person. I was surprised by the number of athletes in my area and hoping to find a group, or somebody in my area that can help me with the basic form and pointers. I'm just looking for something close it don't have to be 5 minutes away I'm in Hanover a few times a week along with Chambersburg so I'm use to driving a little.

Thank you in advance,
Frank Golembieski
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