In Memory of Robert "T-Bone" Stewart

More photos of, and for, T-Bone.
Mike Melia's photos from the wake

Another season for Highland lads
And lassies who take the field
Has come and gone so quickly now
To winters grip we yield

O' To smell the tacky one more time
To don the kilt we adore
Will have to wait at least a while
For heavens warmth once more

And we lost a friend and brother
Who touched us bye and bye
We'll throw with him no more until
We throw with him in the sky

But every throw, if my best I give
With naught held in reserve
Will be to honor our fallen mate
No less does he deserve

So next year when at first I try
To turn the gnarly tree
The turn I make, I'll make for him
And I know he will be pleased.

I pray twill be a hasty solstice
An easy season to bear
And Soon the blooms and buds adorn
And tacky fills the air

But for now we pack our gear away
As days run short of light
We look to the stars and whisper now
Good night Dear Bob, good night.

-- Roland Drummond